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The Switch

Shiv Kotecha

Wonder Press 2017. 

The Switch compiles three books in one: 1. an extended apology, in verse, for friendship and desire; 2. a fictional 'obedience residency manual'; 3. a poem by the unlovable Lord fucking Shiva. 


"Poetry is never lost in a politics of refusal, and even in the most flirtatious behavioural studies of human and non-human desire for connection... Kotecha's ballast is clearly his feeling for the radiance of form-switching itself." - Corina Copp.

CHF 20.–

Smuggling in Kent and Sussex

Mary Waugh

Countryside Books, 2003.

Waugh charters the routes, strategies and figures of the smuggling trade in forensic detail. Never simply a matter of "barnsy for the parson, baccy for the clerk", these operations underwrote economic activity in South East England in the 18th and early 19th Centuries. Each chapter contains suggestions for places to visit, for those wishing to follow the various smuggling tracks themselves. 

Near new, CHF 20.–

Sub-sisters: Selected Poems

Uljana Wolf

Belladona*, 2017.


These poems are the progeny of not two minds but four (at least), since both Wolf and Sophie Seita approach the original texts as well as their English versions from the dual vantage points of English and German, interlacing the slippages and misalignments between these and other languages into the poems’ fabric. Here is a contemporary and very sophisticated way of conceiving translation as composition, conversation and above all, play.


New. CHF 15.–


Ser Serpas

Koenig Books, 2018


A chronicle of iPhone notes written during the author's undergraduate studies from 2013 to 2017 which conjures Georges Bizet’s famous opera of love and seduction; which names Serpas' freshman-year dormitory at Columbia and which Hannah Black describes as a mythic account of the author's development as an artist.


CHF 15.–

Donau Dining Table

Ettore Sottsass, Marco Zanini for Franz Leitner


Lemon tree burl

120 x 120 x 74 cm


CHF 600.–