Destina & Destine, 2019

LOL Beslutning

Maud's Records


LOL Beslutning’s experimental approach to performance has seen repeated transformation. The same group that produced slew of unpredictable pop albums as Synd og Skam, have recently turned to choral lectures, elaborate plays and ‘tutti-songs in opera format'. Told from inside an SUV in a rained out carpark, 'Destina & Destine' is a double helix story of two friends whose paths entwine and unravel as their friendship is tested by emo-emotions, duelling expectations and a mysterious double murder. Throughout the story and its tangents, the group's inner journey writing, scoring and recording the work over four years, is told. The LP presents 14 tracks and a 40 page libretto tracing the work's evolution, with texts in English, Danish and German.

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Kunsthalle Zürich LP, 2013

Wade Guyton

Crystal Hotel Records

On August 31, 2013, for the opening of Guyton’s exhibition at Kunsthalle Zürich, the group Blondes, James Campbell, and I.U.D. each performed in front of one Guyton’s expansive canvases. With a double gatefold that unfolds to present a model of the installation on the second floor of the museum, this four-record set acts as a catalogue for the four gallery exhibition. Each record contains one performance from the night, and corresponds to the painting in front of which the performance took place.


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Genesis P.jpg

Mary Never Wanted Jesus Vinyl Edition, 2004

Genesis P-orridge & Thee Majesty

Villa Magica Records

A special Christmas-themed story of naïveté and nativity.


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Live at Kunsthalle Zürich, 2009


Primary Information / Villa Magica Records

XXX Macarena are a band comprised of Tony Conrad on violin, Jutta Koether on synthesiser, and John Miller on guitar. This recording was performed live at the Kunsthalle Zurich in June 2009. The performance is an entirely improvised 42-minute piece that ranges from the microscopic to the seismic, from delicate introspection to full on, wall-of-sound intensity. It is conceived as a composition in-the-moment and a crime: simultaneously premeditated and matter of chance.

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Use Filters, 2017

BEaUtiEs oF tHe NiGhT

Qed Sound​

The artist band BEaUtiEs oF tHe NiGhT strives for an intense and noisy embrace of the audience, composing its outfits rather than its song structures, songwriting or rehearsing. It seems that no matter what comes into their minds on stage, evil noise-rock results. In pointed and significant ways BEaUtiEs oF tHe NiGhT approach the genre-specific problem related to any kind of rock music, namely, desiring portrayal and representation, while at the same time wanting to erase both in order to breakthrough to authenticity. Their vinyl debut 'Use Filters' captures five tracks of a live-recording from June 2017 at the Viennese club Fluc. The cover art features a drawing by New York based artist Ebecho Muslimova from her Fatebe-Series.

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a sudden surge.jpg

A Sudden Surge of Power, 1983

Various Artists

​Cause For Concern Records, UK

A 1 Mandible Rumpus - On The Floor
A 2 Mandible Rumpus - Laugh
A 3 Mex (2) - Happy Life
A 4 Mex (2) - Veins
A 5 Gambit Of Shame - Gambit Of Shame
A 6 Section 10 - Mr. Parker
A 7 The Cult Of The Supreme - Chlorine Fills My Lungs
A 8 The Cult Of The Supreme - God Is Thicker Than Water
A 9 Attrition - Hang Me
A10 Attrition - Monkey In A Bin (Demo)
A11 Test Dept. - Shockwerk (Live)
A12 Cause For Concern - Disturbing Visions
A13 Martin Howard Naylor - Modulation 4/5
B 1 Cultural Amnesia - Colorblind
B 2 Cultural Amnesia - The Pigs Are Coming
B 3 Paul Kelday - Angel Hair
B 4 CTI - Light Fantastic
B 5 We Be Echo - Survivalist #1
B 6 We Be Echo - Sex Slave
B 7 Ramshackle Ammunition - Space Song
B 8 400 Blows - Strangeways
B 9 12 Cubic Feet* - Fred's Song
B10 Red Herring - U.A.B. Advert
B11 Red Herring - Crispy Wrap

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Ciao! Manhattan, 1989

John Palmer

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The Way Things Go, 1989 

Peter Fischli David Weiss

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Diamanda Galas.jpg

The Litanies of Satan, 1986

Diamanda Galas

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The $kill$ to Pay the Bill$, 1992

Beastie Boys

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Live From Antarctica, 1991


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